AP1 653 Tank Inspection

CQI provides full service internal and external storage tank inspections and engineered certification.  We have an API-653 certified inspector that is licensed by provincial authority to lead the inspection teams. Our certified inspector coordinates various tank inspection services, including Non-destructive testing, ultrasonic material density tests, Magnaflux leakage floor scanning, subsoil corrosion assessment, tank corrosion mapping, thickness measurements and calculations, re-certification based on local standards, supervision of construction.

Most above ground storage tanks in Canada are built to the API-650 Standard, therefor an API-653 certified inspector is required to conduct the inspection.  These inspections must be conducted on both new and existing storage tanks. The API-650 Standard is used when the tanks are storing petroleum products.

To determine when your tank needs to be inspected you must speak with your provincial authority.  Typically, the inspection intervals occur every 5 years for external inspections and 10 years for internal inspections.

When deciding to get a tank inspected one must consider:

The nature of the product being stored
The corrosion allowances
Rates and prevention systems
Leak detection systems
Methods and materials of construction and repair
Any change in operation mode
Results of visual maintenance checks
Jurisdictional requirements

Please contact us with any questions you may regarding you storage tanks and one of our API 653 certified inspectors will help you out.