CQI inspectors are NACE certified and are equipped with all of the necessary field instrumentation to provide thorough surveillance. Comprehensive documentation is prepared detailing job quality and progress.
This close oversight enables the inspectors to identify potential problems and recommend solutions before the work progresses to a point where costly rework is required.

CQI Coating Inspectors monitor:

  • Pre-Surface Preparation
  • Weather Condition Effects
  • Surface Preparation
  • Conformation of Proper Product Applicability
  • Product Mixing
  • Product Application
  • Wet/dry Film Thickness
  • Recoat Times
  • Cure Evaluations
  • Product Adhesion
  • Coating Discontinuities Through Holiday Testing

CQI has numerous years of inspection experience in fabrication shops and the field. Field work includes:

  • Bridges and Highway Structures
  • Industrial/Process Facilities
  • Pipelines
  • Ships
  • Storage Tanks
  • Structural Steel

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