Crane & Lift Device Inspection & Certification

CQI is certified to provide the highest level of inspection and certification of mobile, shop and aerial cranes for the construction and general industry. We ensure that you meet all associated regulatory requirements in accordance with all applicable regulations and standards. Our Inspection and Certification also ensure the safe working capability and condition of any crane or lifting hoisting device. Utilizing our services can help you increase up time and plan outages to minimize the operational impact.

Our Crane Inspection is regulated under the following Canadian Codes:

CSA Standard Z150 (mobile crane code)
CSA Standard Z248 (tower crane code)
CSA Standard W59 (structural welding code)
CSA Standard B167 (overhead cranes)

Our inspectors’ unique understanding and experience on construction sites and in manufacturing settings allows us to perform Crane Inspections in an expeditious and professional manner. Our organization is certified to CSA Standard W178.1, and we provide certified inspectors as required by CSA Standard W178.2 

Our annual inspection and preventative maintenance programs are customized to your corporate and regulatory requirements. These programs will assist you in optimizing the use of your lifting equipment, thereby reducing costly equipment downtime and emergency repairs and breakdowns. Field proven preventive maintenance methods are utilized on cranes, generating a constant, measurable reduction on overall customer maintenance costs.

Typical CQI Inspection Process:

  1. Inspectors determine the condition of equipment through physical inspection. 
  2. We observe functional performance and provide load testing as necessary. 
  3. The CQI team prepares individual Inspection Certification Report for each piece of equipment inspected. 
  4. All detected deficiencies are documented and recorded in a formal report.
  5. A complete analysis by component and by crane is then submitted for customer review.

We inspect:

Overhead Cranes
Mobile Cranes
Tower Cranes 
Shop Cranes
Aerial Lifts
Magnetic Particle and Dye Penetrant Testing on Hooks

Industries served:

Crane Services
Steel Manufacturers
Construction (roofing, bridges)

Crane & Lift Device Inspection & Certification

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