CQI provides a very wide variety of inspection and certified services. All of these services are designed to ensure that regulatory requirements and related standards, are met if not exceeded at all times.

These services are based on proven methods, which in turn reflect contemporary testing technologies. CQI also relies upon the knowledgeable judgment and expertise of its specialized personnel, which in many cases has been developed over decades of service.

Our services are supported by our sister company AJP Engineering. This allows us to propose repair solutions to deficiencies and provide design criteria if required.

CQI service categories are listed below:

metal tower seen from bellow on a sunny day

Tower Inspection

At CQI we offer a full range of tower inspection services. We perform visual inspections from the ground up prior to ...

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steel long bars in the ground

Concrete Rebar inspection

As part of our QA/QC inspection services we offer rebar inspection. Included in this service is the inspection of material, reinforcing ...

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a metal tube and a hand holding a magnifying glass

Visual Welding Inspection

As a CSA W178.1 Certified Welding Inspection Organization, CQI can provide a wide variety of competent certified inspectors to meet your ...

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two guys in blue work suits wearing white gloves

Non-Destructive Testing

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) by virtue of its ability to detect flaws, measure dimensions and assess material characteristics, has become a primary ...

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Positive Material Identification (PMI)

Positive Material Identification (PMI) provides alloy chemistry and grade ID information Instantly using a handheld portable tube based analyzer without having ...

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close up of an in instrument in hands

Coating Inspection

CQI inspectors are NACE certified and are equipped with all of the necessary field instrumentation to provide thorough surveillance. Comprehensive documentation ...

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orange helmet guy

Equipment and Components Inspection

CQI inspects components and equipment of all kinds. Owners of these structures require certified inspections for a variety of purposes, first ...

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big screws - nuts

Corrosion Investigation

In order to protect your assets from loss of integrity due to corrosion, CQI can come in and investigate any trouble ...

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a construction engineer wearing a white helmet and holding a laptop

Third-Party Inspection

During the manufacturing process there are times when third party must be brought in on the behalf of the purchaser.  CQI ...

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lone scientist in a building

Quality Control And Quality Assurance

One aspect we take the utmost pride in is our ability to provide Quality Control and Quality Assurance services to our ...

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magnetic particle testing

Magnetic Particle Testing

CQI frequently uses Magnetic Particle Testing (MPT) as one of our main non-destructive testing methods. It is used for detecting cracks ...

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liquid penetrant pesting

Liquid Penetrant Testing

CQI utilized Liquid Penetrant Testing (LPI) as one of our non-destructive testing methods. It works by spreading a liquid penetrant evenly ...

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hardness testing

Hardness Testing

CQI is offers hardness testing as one of our many testing methods. Using a single hammer blow we measure the resulting ...

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ultrasonic testing

Ultrasonic Testing

CQI uses the Ultra-Sonic Testing (UT) method to detect internal imperfections in materials, welds, fabricated parts and components. Contact Pulse Echo ...

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two storage tanks for crude oil

Storage Tanks inspection

We provide full service internal and external storage tank inspections and engineered certification.  We have a API-653 certified inspector that is ...

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skid compressor

Rotating Equipment, Valves, Compressor Skids, Pumps, Transformers

Over the years our technicians and inspectors have provided quality assurance, inspection and testing on the following types of manufactured equipment: ...

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two men on a giant yellow crane

Crane and Lifting Device Inspection & Certification

Our crane and lifting device inspection can help you: Meet all associated regulatory requirements in accordance with all applicable regulations and ...

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Roofing Inspection

Roof inspections are simply inspections that determine the integrity of a roof, how long it may last, and when it will ...

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big yellow construction cranes

Crane Inspection

CQI is certified to provide the highest level of inspection and certification of mobile, shop and aerial cranes for the construction ...

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