Equipment & Components Inspection

CQI inspects components and equipment of all kinds. Structures require certified inspections for a variety of purposes. However, the integrity of the components itself is priority.

Structural integrity is often directly related to safety of those in and around the structures. Those affected include operators, users of many kinds or the general public.
The categories inspected by CQI are designated below. Within each category, there can be many varieties of components. For example, fire department ladders or pressure vessels found in the energy and mining sectors. 


Aerial Devices 

CQI provides Inspections for Mobile Elevating Work Platforms tailored to applicable codes or specifications required by the owner. These devices include: 

 Scissor Lifts (CSA B354.7) 
 Boom supported elevating work platforms (CSA B354.7) 
 Portable elevating work platforms (CSA B354.7) 
 Vehicle Mounted Aerial Devices (CSA C225) 

Standard Inspection includes: 

 Visual Inspection 
 Operational Inspection 
 Non-Destructive Testing  

Our testing can also be done to manufacturer specific guidelines and requirements. 

Annual Inspections are required every twelve (12) months from the date of the prior annual inspection or not to exceed 1,000 hours of operation beyond the prior annual inspection, whichever occurs first. 

Frequent Inspections or Periodic Inspections are required when a unit has been in service for three months or up to 350 hours, whichever comes first, or prior to operation after the unit has been out of service for a period longer than one (1) month. 


For Vehicle Inspections, since most aerial equipment is mounted on a truck frame, there are specific regulations that apply only to trucks and truck inspections. It is important to have the truck inspected in accordance with these regulations. 

We also inspect and test emergency vehicles, for example, Fire Truck Aerial Ladders. 

Storage Tanks

CQI certified inspectors are experts in the aboveground storage tank sector. This expertise enables us to provide our clients with comprehensive code compliance.

CQI provides several types of surveys for above ground storage tanks. External physical surveys are performed to investigate rigid tilting of the tank structure. Internally, investigations are conducted during out-of-service inspections to quantify edge settlement and other floor depressions. We also provide physical shell surveys to determine plumb and roundness of the tank shell.

Our non-destructive testing department is qualified to provide testing requirements in accordance with API Specifications. Inspections also include in-service and out-of-service checks for:

 External shell inspection
 Shell appurtenances, manways, nozzles, manifolds, heaters, mixers
 Internal inspection
 Roof and roof appurtenances
 Tank floor integrity
Astral thickness determination



CQI has extensive experience inspecting and testing pipelines throughout Canada and the United States. Our qualified, integrated team has process experience within all components of the pressure industry. 

The pipeline services that we provide include:

 Visual On-site Inspections
 Corrosion Inspection
 Non-Destructive Inspection
 Coating Inspection
 Corrosion Monitoring
 Above Ground Evaluation
 Integrity Assessment

Structural Steel 

CQI has established an excellent reputation of providing total construction observation and materials testing.

Our services include but are not limited to:

 Bolt Tension Verification
 Fabrication Shop Welding Inspection and Testing
 Field Erection Welding Inspection and Testing
 Interpreting Applicable Codes and Standards
 Non-Destructive Testing (MPI, UT, LPI, R.T.)
 Qualification of Welders and Welding
 Welding Procedure and Qualification
 Steel Roof Deck

Pressure Vessels

CQI offers complete pressure vessel inspection in accordance with ASME Pressure Vessel Code:

 Installation, Condition and Operational Checks and Tests on vessel components
 Documentation of Findings in inspection reports
 Conformation that quality control and safety standards of operation are in place

CQI issues inspection reports on suspension and operational certification on the following as well as pressure vessels of various types:

 Anhydrous Ammonia Vessels
 Antique Steam Engines
 Carbon Dioxide Vessels
 Compressed Air Tanks
 Propane Vessels
 Stationary Anhydrous Ammonia Propane Tanks

Equipment & Components Inspection