a man on a lifting platform in front of a building

Aerial Devices

CQI provides Inspections for Aerial Devices tailored to applicable codes or specifications required by the owner. Our testing can also be done to manufacturer specific guidelines and requirements.

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tanks on top of each other

Storage Tanks

CQI certified inspectors, being well-trained experts, have extensive expertise in the aboveground storage tank sector. This enables us to provide our clients with comprehensive code compliance.

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giant silver gas pipes


We have inspected and tested pipelines throughout Canada and the United States. CQI has a qualified, integrated team of individuals who have process experience within all components of the pressure industry.

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steel grid construction

Structural Steel

For over 23 years, CQI has established an excellent reputation of providing total construction observation and materials testing. Our Inspectors are well qualified in the structural steel fabrication field by experience, training and certification.

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big yellow construction cranes


CQI is certified to provide the highest level of inspection and certification of mobile, shop and aerial cranes for the construction and general industry. Our Crane Inspection is regulated under the following Canadian Codes

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giant tanks with red and yellow platforms above them

Pressure Vessels

CQI offers complete pressure vessel inspection in accordance with ASME Pressure Vessel Code. Installation, Condition and Operational Checks and Tests on vessel components

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el paso corp totem gas dew point control plant

Manufactured Equipment

Over the years our technicians and inspectors have provided quality assurance, inspection and testing on many types of manufactured equipment, like rotating equipment, valves, pumps, flow meters, etc.

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