Moving Notice

We are excited to announce that CQI (Canadian Quality Inspections) is moving to a new facility.

New Facility: 61053 PR 207, Sunnyside, Manitoba, Canada R5R 0C1

The new space will see the amalgamation of our existing head office on Higgins Ave. and our Fabrication Facility on Day St., allowing us to establish one new all-encompassing central base of operations.

Thank you for all of your understanding and patience over the next few months as we attempt to make this move as seamless as possible.


Crane Inspection Service

CQI’s inspection program meets all industry standards. Our visual inspections are second to none as we lead the industyr in certified inspections.

Most critical cranes will include a custom preventive maintenance programp which can increase the levels of productiivty and effeicency. Our annual inspection and preventative maintenance programs are customized to your corporate and regulatory requirements. These programs will assist you in optimizing the use of your lifting equipment, thereby reducing costly equipment downtime and emergency repairs and breakdowns.

Crane Inspection
CQI is certified to provide the highest level of inspection and certification of mobile, shop and aerial cranes for the construction and general industry. Our Crane Inspection is regulated under the following Canadian Codes.


Professional Certified Inspection Service

Canadian Quality Inspections Ltd. provides a wide range of visual inspection and non-destructive testing, vendor quality surveillance, quality control and quality assurance. All our inspection services are supported by a full-time engineering department that allows us to propose solutions in a time-effective manner. Client needs are more efficiently handled and costly downtime is minimized.

As one of central Canada’s leading certified inspection provider, CQI offers over 100 years of industry experience in building inspection and certification. CQI is the first choice for public institutions and many Manitoba private investors.



Canadian Structural Integrity Inspection Experts

If your company does work in one of Western Canada’s big industries – mining, petrochemicals, construction, power generation or food processing, Then you are no stranger to periodic equipment inspections.

We work in a demanding environment, and we ask our equipment to do heavy work. We also demand that it perform in the safest fashion possible. Periodic inspections are one of the methods we use to ensure that we all get home safe at the end of the day.

We provide a full range of inspection service for mobile and static cranes, structural steel, pressure vessels and piping, and industrial mining equipment.Check out what we inspect for the complete details.

Our key business philosophy is embodied in our do it right the first time approach. Not only will we ensure that a company’s equipment is up to standard, but if deficiencies are found will can initiate engineering and repair service that will ensure that the equipment is returned to service, certified to be safe.

As part of our full suite of services, AJP Engineering is our Winnipeg-based consulting engineering firm with over 35 years of experience, and DMS Industrial, who implement solutions for industry. Our goal is to provide design, fabrication, installation and maintenance of high quality products for our customers, who will find that they perform to the highest standard. Our products will comply with the highest level of regulatory and statutory code requirements. We will provide the highest level of service possible, emphasizing client satisfaction.

If you need Western Canada’s best inspection solution, contact us today and find out how to put more than 75 years of combined engineering expertise to work for your facilities and equipment.