Positive Material Identification (PMI) provides alloy chemistry and grade ID information Instantly using a handheld portable tube based analyzer without having to transport, alter or damage the material. PMI is also used to insure that the base material in vessels and pipe spools is composed of the specified composition (i.e. 304 or 316L) and once the component is welded that the correct filler material was used.

PMI is an integral part of process safety management in many industries including the gas and oil, petrochemical and petroleum refining. Whether the need is quality control, sorting of scrap material or even failure analysis, materials testing to provide verification of metal alloy grade and composition is crucial to meet today’s safety requirements.

CQI prides itself in providing certified operators for PMI testing of various shapes, plate, pipes, flanges, welds, valves and other components. The large library (grade definitions) available within our analyzer includes the most common grades used in industries as well as numerous specific grade compositions. We can quickly and accurately analyze the material to assess the grade and it’s composition.