We also inspected the following:

Crane Inspection Projects

A sample of cranes that we inspect.

3.1 Overhead crane
3.2 Mobile
3.2.1 Truck-mounted crane
3.2.2 Sidelift crane
3.2.3 Rough terrain crane
3.2.4 All terrain crane
3.2.5 Pick and carry crane
3.2.6 Carry deck crane
3.2.7 Telescopic handler crane
3.2.8 Crawler crane
3.2.9 Railroad crane

3.3 Fixed
3.3.1 Tower crane
3.3.2 Self-erecting crane
3.3.3 Telescopic crane
3.3.4 Hammerhead crane
3.3.5 Level luffing crane
3.3.6 Gantry crane
3.3.7 Deck crane
3.3.8 Jib crane
3.3.9 Bulk-handling crane
3.3.10 Loader crane
3.3.11 Stacker crane

Coating Inspections

Provencher Bridge
Transcanada Pipelines, Rapid City Station “E”
City of Winnipeg, Floodway Inlet Gates
City of Winnipeg, West End Station
City of Winnipeg, Deacon Ultraviolet (UV)
City of Montreal, Dupon Des Iles Bridge
City of Kenora, Keewatin Channel Bridge
Patriot Stadium, Les Aciers Canam
Manitoba Hydro, Pointe Du Bois Stoplogs
Structural Steel, Numerous Fabrication Shop Inspections

Third Party Inspections

Calgary Courts Centre
Peru LNG, Ultrasonic Flow Meters
Encana Oil, Steeprock Gas Plant
Duke Energy, Belews Creek FGD
Shell Canada, SMC Refinery Sarnia
De Beers Canada, Snap Lake Project
Long Lake SAGD Project
Conoco Phillips Surmount
Toyo USA Valve Supply
Selas Fluid, Centrifugal Fans
Minera Escondido Ebpe Phase 1
Nexen Long Lake SAGD
Takreer Refining
Indraprastha Gas, CNG Compressor Skids
Sakhalin Energy II OPF
Petro Canada, Natural Gas Distribution
Yansab, Fluor Daniel UK
Dellta T Terra Grain Fuels, EPT 61141

Manufactured Equipment

Conoco Phillips – Surmount 7 Exhaust Fans
State of Kuwait – MAA1 & MAB1 Shu Refinerie Witness Performance Test At Gould Pumps Seneca Falls Plant
City of Winnipeg – Quality Assurance Gate Valve at Flowserve Industries
Tengizchevroil/Second Generation Project, 2 Direct Drive Exhaust Fans
Detour Lake – 2 – 230V- 13.8KV and 1 Dual Voltage 230/11 Tranformers
Pipeline Compressor Buildings
Repsol YPF Commercial Del Peru – LPG Dispensers
Central Trust of China – Tesla Fault Recorders
Daycon Mechanical – Conveyors
Petro Canada – 6 – 480V Transformers
Primrose Enhancement – Structural Steel Buildings
Petrobas – Dew Point Compressor Skid
Enersul Limited – Stainless Steel Screw Conveyor
Velosi Certification Services – Abu Dhabi – 3 Axial Vane Fans
Dolphin Project – Sicon Oil and Gas – Flowmeter Calibration
Transcanada Pipelines – Test Head Refurbishment
Mosaic Potash – FRP Scrubbers